Having your own car is a lot of responsibility. Not only do you need to drive properly, but you also have to maintain it regularly. Parking correctly in the right spot is also really important. Haphazard parking can earn you a ticket, and be a nuisance for other commuters. Sometimes, a wrongly parked car can even put lives at danger! You might be wondering how—just check out the video below!

The car in this video was parked right next to a fire hydrant. When firefighters arrived at the scene to control a raging, the car was obstructing them from the hydrant. A quick thinking engineer bust open the car windows to make way for the hose. The hose has to be kept in a straight position, as the force of the water could cause it to kink otherwise. I guess we can all learn a lesson from it and avoid parking near or around fire hydrants in the future!

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